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tv   Cross Talk  RT  August 7, 2018 8:30pm-9:00pm EDT

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any proof presented public publicly at least of the russian attacks on u.s. democracy that we used to justify the new sanctions bill how does that work how is it being perceived by the warmongers the people who want sanctions that they're really in charge with our media and they have really basic control you know in the congress just out of the clear blue they have no evidence whatsoever of their charges that they have made and you know i look at the world like none of us are perfect all the countries have their shortcomings but i think the responsibility for sure common issues be their own country this idea of just blaming other countries and it's all somebody else's fault and what we have to do is put on sanctions and then when they retaliate we think oh the world's coming to an end they don't have a right to do that we have to punish them i mean it's a very very bad foreign policy. took over the streets of chicago this weekend with numerous bystanders caught up in the crossfire twelve people
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killed sixty six injured including several children police say gangsters in the city simply don't feel the law. meanwhile the being killed in chicago's invincibles combine locals have taken to calling their hometown shy rock. for one of the biggest street gangs selling. so bad for my town it's. how easy is it going to go there is a reward. we need to create a culture of accountability a picking up a gun and using it. local
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politicians are now appealing to the president to intervene directly even though the city's mayor wants to cloud chicago a trump free zone and i think what he's doing is wrong for the direction of the city i think is not how i wanted the election it turned out and so we've declared chicago's going to try to be a triumph result we have to make sure that prison from recognize that not everyone believes that chicago is a trump free zone if these series about helping the people in chicago is close on the west side of chicago except hisself. yeah burst of deadly gang fighting took place right after an anti violence protest on thursday claimed the bloodshed the consequence of corrupt authorities in chicago we spoke to gregory livingston who will denies the march carter was intentionally segregated segregated in terms of geography. segregated in terms of education what assets health care assets
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capital investment clones has been secretary for quite a long time matter of fact we martin king said all throughout the south he had march with chicago was the most segregated city he had ever been in and we're still facing the the the product of this legacy because when you segregate the city you insulate one part of the city it's such a way in comfort and you are as the other in a lack of a lack of assets poverty challenge or disadvantage which generate a certain level of violence. international chemical weapons experts heading to the english town of ames next week to probe the nerve agent poisoning that left one person dead and another extremely ill the watchdogs already confirmed died from contact with the same type of substance used in march to attack a former russian double agent and his daughter however they still don't know if it was the same batch of poison. the experts from the organization for the prohibition
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of chemical weapons returned to the u.k. to continue their work to independently confirm the identity of the nerve agent which resulted in the death of one british national in angry and left another seriously you presumably they're going to be able to try to help move the investigation forward we do know that they'll be collecting further sound balls they will be sending those back to o.p.c. w. labs and then reporting back to the u.k. and of course this comes as investigators continue to try to piece together what it is exactly that unraveled on june thirtieth and amesbury one two british citizens were taken to hospital and treated on suspicions of novacek poisoning and of course one of those people died and what it is that happened on march fourth when former double agent sergei script hall and his daughter yulia were poisoned leading to a major international scandal because still as we speak right now today both of these cases continue to be plagued really with the lack of any tangible findings
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some of the latest details circulating here in the british press have included clean's citing sources close to the investigation that police had reportedly identified two suspects in the poisoning claiming that they were russians those reports even suggested that british authorities are getting ready to ask for those people to be extradited however those are very quickly played down in russia of course said that they received no such request and have talked about the number of speculations that have been flying around involving these cases says this incident there have been no less than one hundred reports based on leaks and sources that's why we shouldn't rely on this information we don't trust unconfirmed reports in the media hopefully with this latest upcoming o.p.c. w. visit more information will be shed on those two cases. security analyst charles shu bridge notes get even harder for the british government and media to stand by
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their story the question of course is that is being asked is whether it's going to be the same batch what it's going to be actually linked this new finding of novacek if it turns out that they weren't linked that of course would stretch the level of for imagination coincidence really to incredibly incredibly in a way because that would suggest that there were two separate plots a or perhaps two sources of novacek and therefore i think even the british government you've already alluded in your report to the various different leaks and different stories that have come out in the british media i think even the british media and the british government would be hard pressed to explain that particular coincidence that what we've effectively got here from the u.k. authorities is a media blackout that media blackout has lasted now for more than five months there have been you can count on one hand the number of times police have made a statement about the scripture case or the answer case combined and most of those are literally public information around public safety issues very unusually for
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such an intensive investigation such a high profile high profile investigation. the son of a jailed bahraini opposition figure is going on hunger strike over his father's alleged mistreatment in prison. has begun its protest outside the country's london and this even told us why he feels the case needs to be highlighted. my father was seventy years or serving life in prison and behind a prison they thought showing him they were telling him they are feeling in denial for medical treatment there for me to visit these acts is the book even harder for
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our. spies but my father court for robbing the decatur of regime in my country i'm talking are above the basic rights which is medical treatment to man who is seventy years old. i'm calling for family visitation because he didn't and i mean see my family i mean from eighteen a few months what is that he's in for denial medical people for seven years what man did is not nor the pursuit if he did is not support reason. he continues to receive medical attention along with these prescribed medications and a special diet aspire to his medical regime. i wrote a letter to one piece. of humor i saw and i was asian about my father situation but
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because nothing changed and they've been my father is dying destroyed. we asked bahrain's foreign affairs ministry to comment on the allegations of human rights violations. where the pentagon's move to ban the use of jailer cation tracking applications in the army saying that they could create unintended security consequences putting soldiers and missions at risk effective immediately defense department personnel a primitive from using jewel occasion features and functionality on government and non-government issued devices applications and services while in locations does ignited as operational areas. the memo comes after revelations early this year when it was claimed secret american bases could be found when searching for joking tracks on the global map of the strummer fitness platform started in two thousand and seven star has more than
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a billion jogging and cycle routes logged by users around the world but close analysis reveal concentrated patterns in remote areas in northern syria and afghanistan which he's claimed is likely to be down to troops that keeping fit sarver defended the status saying all users have to opt in to being shown on the map retired u.s. army major general paul valley told us such restrictions will only increase in future. you can take your i phone your cell phone you know and others can track you family members and so on but when it comes to operational areas there are troops who are fighting in iraq and we certainly don't want anybody especially the enemy to be able to track their location target them you have to keep in mind or soldiers have their own private cell phones and you should push no matters also you have a government issued so phone satellite phones that are given to the troops in the field to use to be restricted only from the standpoint. there
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are communicating with other members i think it's going to be more restrictive in the future because we're technology used to do that in twenty years in the ability for others to tap into your phone conversations or actually through social media or facebook or whatever may be. thousands of displaced syrians are returning home as government forces drive out the last pockets of militant resistance the country's media reports a special refugee committee being set up to coordinate the process of resettlement and to help millions of citizens rebuild the lives but some news outlets see the situation somewhat differently than of explains. a brutal despot a mass murderer a children gassing animal the nicknames the international media tag the syrian president bashar assad with self-explanatory as to why seven million syrians had
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fled the country since two thousand and eleven pundits prophesies the dictatorship must come down before anyone would dare to go home when we asked them about president bashar al assad they said they don't want he did because that would be too easy is the syrian government in fact more than isis that has ruined their lives and led to so much of the refugee crisis they escape with their children and if you possessions but as they cross the border to safety many also bring their hatred of the man they blame for leaving them homeless come twenty team the syrian army is one by one retaking new areas from opposing factions and he assad forces once in charge of the larger part of syria are reduced to two small pockets of land and what's that a tide of refugees is coming home we want to go back we want to return to our
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beloved syria i want my daughter to have a future she doesn't. have then i want to go back to syria return to our home alicia said as for why i am going back there is no place like home we were not happy here thank god safety and security are back in syria and danny now we are hopefully returning home it's not a case of a few madmen who are for some twisted reason seeking to return under the regime of a tyrant according to the russian defense ministry out of those seven million that escape the conflict more than one and a half are seeking to come back to syria now there's more on the path has already been paved for them the u.n. recorded more than seven hundred thousand syria. as who returned last year and began rebuilding their lives. in the shop here thank god electricity is back and life went back to normal again i want to fix my hands and leave and sleep with
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peace of mind of course there are millions who are still too afraid to go back for many it is indeed the dread of assad stopping them but those who did and are returning may very well inspire hundreds of thousands more to go back to their roots a marquee from human rights watch told us that the people returning home need additional assistance. it's difficult to keep track of all the numbers of people that are going back but we do know that some individuals have returned to government territory and the territory that has been held now by democratic forces the u.s. forces does include displaced from other parts of the country as well as. the rich areas so some syrians are electing to return home i know those continue to remain in neighboring countries and other countries for fear that they would be
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caught up in the conflict or. persecution by the syrian government there is a constructive role that the russian government and other governments. and ensure that conditions so that more syrians have confidence in return even. twenty. jews have been arrested after clashing with israeli police at a rally against army conscription that was if it was i was i was hundreds of believers blocked traffic on the streets of the city of b'nai b'rith oppose the arrest of a religious student who failed to report to a military in this office refused water cannon as they tried to break up
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a city in the number of religious students in israel are exempt from the service but only if the report to the authorities improve their status protesters are furious at a new bill that cuts funding for religious colleges that failed to meet them in this. germany's homeland security office is raising the alarm over the rise of islamic radicalism among young people in the country prompting politicians to call for the lowering of the minimum age when someone can be under surveillance currently children must be at least fourteen. this is not about criminalizing people under the age of fourteen but about warding off significant threats to our country like islamic terrorism which also targets children the inhibition threshold for violence is lower in these children the authorities therefore need the tools to take care of traumatised and violent return these under the age of fourteen according to the report by germany's homeland
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security office there are currently around three hundred children who've been educated since birth with an extremist world view the document also says these children come both from families that have gone to war zones and those that haven't the interior minister says families which travel to conflict areas need to be prioritized when it comes to surveillance and sleep we have knowledge of more than one thousand islamist german nationals all from germany who've traveled in the direction of syria and iraq to become part of the islamic groups about a third of these people return to germany is mainly about extremely meticulously evaluating the danger that lies within these people. the country's main opposition party the anti immigrant alternative in germany supports putting minors under surveillance but the left party insists the earth already should concentrate on adult extremists. do potential victims care whether they're being attacked by a thirteen year old with a knife whether it's a big islamist stabbing them it is necessary to go with an iron broom and transport
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all fanatics where they belong the real issue is not the chiller you know are scared of some nine year old children not being legally liable for their actions under the age of forty one of them going to do they actually read you should stat before saying all the efforts on the real terrorists that we have and as long as we have terrorists running around the streets and recruiting people off course it will threaten our children be recruited i think what the domestic intelligence services try to just drag strong their complete and utter failure to deal with real islamic terrorists and us twenty is coming for you in half an.
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please. i. suppose it's almost. like a split. last time we chased. each one of them carrying twenty kilos of drugs. first offense to. the others that they just deployed. is the very we have maintained the monocle man day and boy they have insisted this
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is for me. i like it. i don't see it or no they don't they don't make. a great. pashtun. crown what. seemed wrong oh well we just don't hold. any world peace just to shape our business comes to educate and in gainesville equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground.
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superman superman to superhero is also a journalist clark kent is a journalist they're both fighting for the american way think about that stacy. i'm trying to think about it and it's confusing to me but you know what we're beginning to do a little bit of a summer solution sort of episode here to match the one we did last week at the same time whereby we talked about the united states of inequality and how that is impacting not only global trade but the u.s. political system and therefore the global geo political system we were discussing
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that perhaps this is a seismic shift in geo political power many people talk about china as being the next rising superpower they certainly have on a person saying power parity and economy bigger than the united states but whether or not china will be the new next superpower and one of the things you and i have been covering for the last few months is that one belt one road policy whereby they're spending billions of dollars trillions of dollars in fact to build roads ports bridges railroad to basically do a new silk road whereby they can trade easier with right now untapped parts of the world so china overloading poor nations with debt top u.s. official says china saddling poor nations with unsustainable debt through large scale infrastructure projects that are not economically viable ahead of the u.s.
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overseas private investment corporation oh pick said monday oh wow i thought our job are we supposed to overload in countries with four countries with the source of the other mimicking the u.s. policy of the empire of debt or is are they making a book like they want to take over for the u.s. they want to compete with the u.s. they have artificial intelligence driving their policy does the ai boss driving china policy in the polar bear of china tell them that they should be alone in this park with what we're going to get into the ai story in a few headlines from now but i do want to stick on this story in terms of the debt of course yes. the united states did get very wealthy of the banks to get wealthy by loading up poor nations with debt and then having the i.m.f. i.m.f. come in take those private debts and make them national decimate socialize those debts and impose austerity on various countries around the world the us also got wealthy even earlier than that by being yankees i started to as the dutch called
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them they were stealing all their copyright ideas they were stealing their intellectual property and things like that hundreds of years ago and china is doing the same now and we complain so here yes it is a bit ironic for the us well this is a us official with opaque us overseas private investment corporation so he's complaining publicly and getting reuters and likes that to publish this but look what happens well the criticism of beijing targeted by president trump in a trade war has sent ripples through economies around the world comes as washington seeks to ramp up development finance in the face of china's global ambitions these lawmakers in the united states now are introducing advancing a new law called the bill act beat i b u i l.d. through congress that washburn this guy the head of this oh pick the private investment corporation says should bolster private u.s. investment in developing nations by doubling opec's access to u.s.
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treasury credit to sixty billion dollars but i when i was a way. look china have the policy for decades now to go into countries and build stuff bridges tunnels schools and to get a piece of that action the u.s. policy for decades has been the going to countries and bomb stuff bomb schools bomber oh was bomb people terrorize people and still stuff so now you're saying that the u.s. is going to change gears here they're going to be like way maybe we should stop bombing stuff and start building stuff. now there's no talk of. our sort of policy of bombing and having the unique you know monopoly has forced china to have to do trade deals and. basically offer many carrots to people around the world but here this trade representative this guy who wants some free basically taxpayer money from the united states sixty billion dollars worth to go compete with china
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what if peacenik is a hippy now. than to whom by yon joint we're supposed to be bombing where america will you know so they can't bomb these countries this is china china has one point three billion people and a massive military the biggest military in the world. and road is going through places like russia we can't bomb them either we can bomb we can bomb libya we could bomb iraq places that are deserts in the middle now where and those are the places that we go into we can't even bomb the likes of vietnam anymore because we've learned our lesson so here they're basically he's saying well that's really unfair went to china is doing they're loading up these countries with debt like in sri lanka sri lanka they had a porch or a bridge or something built from china and they couldn't pay the debt so now china owns that port so this is what they're doing this is what the united states did before but this this guy is going to the u.s. people saying how dare look at this horrible situation over there give us some money and we'll go and compete who will well offer our own unfair you know.
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precedent in the u.s. history of course in the one nine hundred eighty s. citibank i believe under walter wriston loaded up argentina yes with a lot of debt and then they did something that nobody had done before they defaulted their sovereign debt default and then the u.s. came in and they started running argentina and they started running it into the ground in a very it is still suffering today so china well they avoid this outcome are they once they start loaning these folks all this money and there is a problem is paying all the. stuff back are they going to then do america citibank argentina or they how are they can they figure that bit out yet or are they just going to blindly go to make the same mistakes that american spirit well they've already worked through the w t o to get things to their advantage against the united states or other trading partners and i'm sure they'll use the you know these are contracts they're written under international law and abide by international
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law they're giving them money these countries need course they need railroads but private investment hasn't been there nor has been laid whether they're given the money that's our money they've got trillions of dollars of duets dollars they took whereas they sold junk to wal-mart in exchange for our jobs now they're going to give it to other people our money and to compete with us that's not fair stacey well it's interesting is that they decide they they could they're clearly not confrontational as you mentioned they don't bomb and they don't invade in order to execute these trade deals but they are targeting areas that the u.s. does not have already advanced relationships with they're not doing this in places like mexico they're targeting places that the u.s. doesn't enter u.s. corporations and particular don't enter like africa and we're going to talk about african the second half so they're looking at places that the u.s. is not already powerful and like mexico like canada you can't really compete with
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those united states there. you know so they're they're they're building and they're executing their trade deals in places that like for a long africa these are not places that u.s. corporations are very active in but this is a way for them to continue to build their technology their innovation their you know first mover advantage of course the extractive industries like mining minerals energy were a what drove the debt and financial revolutions of the past few decades but we're entering now into a purely digital economy so these. areas that you mention there like sri lanka ok there's nothing to extract from the. core of the earth and run away with but they do have brains they have people and they are connected to a global network and they will be part of chinese incursion into global fin tech and things like that so there's a lot of folks out there that are not part of the you know the unbanked for example
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if china were to say hey you know what there's like three billion people that citibank doesn't control we want to have them on and financial you know jack miles company or some chinese company gave gives us incredible operating leverage in the twenty first century so you know we've overlooked we're obviously overlooking the trillions of billions of people in the in the global economy that china's failures is going to be a huge asset if i may say yeah and the nightly news here by the way the cable news you would think it's all russia russia russia while we've been focused on first for twelve fifteen years and now russia russia russia like so much is happening around the world it's unbelievable that like how rapidly china is taking our place economically and you we can't control that we can't compete economically sun even russia it's russia nine hundred fifty five yeah but we in terms of this story them talk.


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